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The Ultimate Back Protection For Your Horse

Equitex saddle pads from northern Italy satisfy the needs of both professional and leisure riders.


The unique design enables free muscle movement under the saddle and provides comfort for your horse’s back .

Relieves Saddle Pressure
Shock absorbing material relieves the horse of pressure.


5cm Spine Channel Clearance
Guarantees optimal relief for the spine


Shock Absorption with Perfect Adaptation
Provides even weight distribution and perfectly adapts to any horse.

No Hair Breakage
No coat rubbing and no hair breakage.

Equitex saddle pads


Functional Material
Soft fabric guarantees no sore rubbing and no hair breakage.


Shock Absorbing Tape
Even weight distribution provides comfort for the horse and rider.


High Tech Foam
Ensures free muscle movement and reduces heat accumulation.

Equitex Saddle Pads


 Tweed Equestrian is the exclusive east coast Australian distributor for Equitex

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