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The underside of the saddle pad is also in Velvet. Velvet prevents hair breakage, is extremely comfortable for the horse and easy to clean.

Available in Full, Cob and Pony size.

Correctional Full Lift is 4cm front & rear.

Equitex saddle pads are made of breathable materials and are tailored to the needs of the horse's back. You will immediately notice that the horse is moving in a more relaxed way thanks to the shock absorbing properties. No pressure points, no sore rubbing and no heat accumulation thanks to the soft and breathable materials. The rider will also feel less strain on their own back.


  • freedom of the spine of 5 cm
  • anatomical shape
  • extremely resistant and at the same time soft velvet fibre
  • no hair breakage
  • no more straps and velcro loops thanks to the innovative silicone grip
  • the high tech foam core has an excellent shock absorbing capacity
  • the foam keeps its consistence even under extreme conditions
  • no quilting for easy cleaning and thus no sore rubbing through dirt accumulation
  • breathable, fast drying and washing machine washable
  • very durable

Equitex Correctional Elegance Velvet Dressage Saddle Pad - Full Lift

  • Equitex saddle pads are very easy to care for. The fast drying fibres are easy to clean and stay in shape even after many washings. There’s no need to wash after every use, leave to dry and simply clean with a soft brush. After frequent use, the saddle pad can be easily washed in the washing machine at 30 °C, delicate laundry, tumble at 600 spins, quick dry at room temperature in approximately 2 hours. DO NOT tumble dry.

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