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Equitex Airtech Half Pad with grip, suitable for dressage, jump and general purpose saddles. This half pad has a thickness of 3cm throughout. Available in black only.


With our half pads you can benefit from the excellent technical features and still use your preferred fancy saddle pad on top of it. Put the half pad directly onto the horseback and lay your preferred saddle pad on top of it. The underside of the pad is velvet. The velvet fabric is supersoft and adhers perfectly to the horseback. The innovative silicone grip prevents any slipping of the saddle pad.


Equitex saddle pads are made of breathable materials and are tailored to the needs of the horse's back. Your horse will move in a more relaxed way thanks to the shock absorbtion. The rider will feel less strain on their own back.  Pressure points are reduced, no sore rubbing and no heat accumulation thanks to the soft and breathable materials.

Equitex Airtech Half Pad

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