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Equitex Saddle Pads – The world’s no. 1 in back protection


This elegant velvet dressage saddle pad is suitable for dresage saddles. This saddle pad is 2cm deep at the front and 4cm at the rear providing maximum rear lift.


All Equitex saddle pads are made using layers of shock absorbing material and high tech responsive foam, along with advanced technical fabrics to provide unparalleled support, comfort and style.

These great feature are what makes Equitex stand out from the crowd:

  • Breathable fabrics that draw away moisture helping to keep your horse cool & dry
  • Silcia grips firmly hold the pad to your saddle (or saddle cloth when using the half pad) so no pressure creating straps are required to hold it in place
  • Generous 5cm spine clearance
  • Tech velvet underside material resists dirt and won’t rub or pull out the coat
  • No quilting means no dirt and hair accumulation for easier cleaning
  • Machine washable – delicates cycle with no more than a 600rpm spin cycle. Being dirt resistant frequent washing is not required just air dry inside out after you ride.
  • Scientifically tested by Dr David Marlin – dynamic testing simulating riding the Equitex pad was found to reduce peak pressure by 84% and 87% compared to using no pad!

Equitex Velvet Dressage Full Saddle Pad - Rear Lift 4cm

  • Equitex saddle pads are very easy to care for. The fast drying fibres are easy to clean and stay in shape even after many washings. There’s no need to wash after every use, leave to dry and simply clean with a soft brush. After frequent use, the saddle pad can be easily washed in the washing machine at 30 °C, delicate laundry, tumble at 600 spins, quick dry at room temperature in approximately 2 hours. DO NOT tumble dry.

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