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Tweed Equestrian


Tweed Equestrian is your gateway to quality European and UK made saddle pads, strapping and tack that enhance the fit of saddles for all horses – from just started to Grand Prix. 


With over thirty years working in the equestrian trade our passion is to increase your horse's comfort.  We help your saddles work better with quality, modern technology saddle cloths and girths that assist and stabilise your saddle fit.

Our years of experience fitting a variety of tack has helped us source the finest products that really work well. The educated rider and coach can now have access to professional, quality equipment.

Enjoy our hand picked selection of equestrian products, your horse will be glad you joined us.


Tweed Equestrian is the Australian distributor for both Invictus and Equitex saddle pads.

These European brands use the latest in research and cutting edge technology to enhance your saddle fit and improve the comfort of your horse.