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Smart Material, Smart Protection a New Benchmark in Saddle Pads

If you want to give your equine partner that extra measure of comfort and protection, then the Invictus pad is the one for you and your horse.

It is the performance of the D3O® smart material that makes the Invictus pad so special. It provides highly effective, breathable and flexible protection for your horse's back.

A good saddle pad will effect the performance of your saddle, improving it by adding benefits like additional back protection, addressing temporary fit issues or those due to conformation. The Invictus is a great pad to offer optimal shock absorption and address minor fit issues.

Invictus Saddle Pads


 Tweed Equestrian is the exclusive Australian distributor for Invictus


In lab tests, Invictus showed the results in a graph, measuring pressure energies that you would get at walk, rising trot, canter, jumping, and impact phase jumping. 

Invictus Saddle Pads
Invictus Saddle Pad
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