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The new version 2 Advantage Girth from Jeremy Rudge Saddlery has an innovative, 8-way flexion, patented design (Patent No.2 585 091), which increases your horse’s comfort and way of going, improves cadence and provides even weight distribution. These claims are supported by extensive field testing using biomechanical analysis software.




  • The girth is made from high quality black leather and hard-wearing webbing.
  • Changeable Velcro leather/neoprene pad.
  • A stainless steel centre plate engineered to automotive standards plus stainless steel fittings for longevity. This plate allows for the fittings to rotate for an individual fit but not twist causing areas of pressure. *PLEASE NOTE* - Over-tightening will cause damage to the centre plate and will not be covered by the Jeremy Rudge guarantee.
  • Centre plate is fitted to the outer surface with all fittings and bends turning away from your horse so no lumps and bumps on the inside towards your horse.
  • Inner re-tension strap to provide extra security whilst tacking up/adjusting the girth.
  • Off-set buckles to give your horse maximum amount of elbow room without the bulk.


Fit is small so please add 10cm to your normal girth length. Correct fit is shown in product pictures above.


Note: Due to increased proproception of the sterum & subsequent lift achieved with these girths (due to the unique sternum plate), introduction of the girth should be monitored as your horse may fatigue sooner. 

Jeremy Rudge Advantage V2 Girth

Colour: Black
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