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The Equi-Soft girth is a revolutionary answer to girthing discomfort.

The root cause of discomfort is the constriction caused by girthing which reduces circulation and decreases the range of motion of underlying musculature.


The Equi-Soft girth, when properly adjusted, effectively deals with the constriction by giving in all directions and markedly reducing the tension. This frees the underlying musculature, allows better circulation, and decreases the restriction of motion of the gut. As respiration is enhanced and the horse experiences less discomfort, pulse rate has been shown to be reduced during exercise. Since the muscles are less restricted, lateral flexibility is enhanced as well as the horse’s ability to employ the external obliques, serratus and other abdominal muscles necessary to support the topline. This is manifested in greater extension of the foreleg and more active employment of the hind quarters.


• Due to the girths exclusive system of elastic rings and special shape, usual pressure is released from the chest and freer breathing is permitted
• Proven significantly lower heart rate for the horse
• Girths over a large area allowing a perfect girth pressure distribution

• Detachable pad system to allow easy cleaning and change of pad type or colour. Pads are available to purchase seperately.


Recommended by leading Australian Spinal vet.

Stubben Equi-Soft Girth with Fleece Pad

Fleece Colour
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